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Greenville County is located in the upstate region of South Carolina, with the largest county-wide population in the state. The City of Greenville, the seat of the County, is known nationwide as a welcoming destination for people from all backgrounds. While Greenville County ranks as one of the healthiest counties in South Carolina, for Hispanic residents of Greenville County, racial disparities exist along racial/ethnic lines. Many of these disparities tie into socioeconomic and sociopolitical determinants of health.

The Greenville Hispanic Health Study, a collaboration between Bon Secours, Clemson University, Piedmont Health Foundation & the Hispanic Alliance, examined mental health, routine healthcare seeking behaviors, and perceptions of culturally competent care among residents who self-identified as Hispanic living in Greenville County. The partners sought to understand the broader experiences of Hispanics residents in Greenville County, as they are often under-represented in county-wide equity and health needs assessments.

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