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Border Crisis

The treatment and living conditions for immigrants at the US / Mexico border continue to cause suffering and raise pressing ethical questions for our nation. Many in our community have reached out for information on how to most effectively show their support and alleviate the needs of our brothers and sisters who are detained.

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Hispanic Alliance believes that DACA & DREAMers are an incredible asset to our economy and our communities. Their full potential remains untapped due to the many legal barriers they face to pursuing success and the uncertainty of their future in the US.

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Latinos in Greenville County Fact Sheet

The Hispanic Alliance strives to be a source of accurate and meaningful data on topics related to the Hispanic community. Throughout our blog, we will be sharing interesting and easily consumable data to help broaden your understanding of our diverse community.

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Know Your DACA

If terms like DACA and DREAMers are still a mystery to you, don’t be discouraged – GET EDUCATED! Download the Hispanic Alliance “DACA & DREAMers” info graphic.

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DACA & Dreamers Infographic

To this day, DACA has helped more than a million young people achieve milestones typically associated with the American dream. such as pursuing higher education, earning better wages to support their families, and buying homes.

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