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Cultivating Community Growth & Prosperity

Building a Brighter Community

Together, we connect and cultivate our future

Before the Hispanic Alliance was a non-profit organization, it was born as a network of people within and around the Hispanic community with a desire to nurture and protect its members.

After more than a decade of evolution, we continue to focus on serving the most vulnerable among us, nurturing each other, and welcoming the entire Upstate community. We are nearly 4,000 members strong, but we are also family. 

Convening to Share Resources & Connection

Both virtually and in-person
We will meet in-person 2 times per quarter and host 1 virtual meeting. Our 2023 meeting schedule is listed below.
  • February 14, In Person
  • March 13, In Person
  • April 10, via Zoom
  • May 8, In Person
  • June 12, Person
  • July 10, via Zoom
  • September 11, In Person
  • October 9, via Zoom
  • November 13, In Person
  • December 11, In Person

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The 2nd Wednesday of every month at 12:30 PM

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