Welcome the 2023-2024 Class of Student DREAMers Alliance

We’re thrilled to share the joyous news of welcoming the newest members of our Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA) for the academic year 2023-2024. This year marks a special milestone as we continue to empower and develop young minds in both Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina.

SDA is more than a leadership accelerator; it’s a transformative journey for Hispanic/Latinx high school juniors and seniors. Inspired by the Aspen Institute and Liberty Fellowship, SDA aims to empower the next generation of Hispanic leaders.

Our commitment goes beyond seminars; it extends to building prosperity, providing mentorship, internship opportunities, and driving systemic change to break down barriers to prosperity.

In 2023, thanks to increased capacity and support from the United Way and other funding partners, we’re launching a 1:1 mentoring component, expanding internship opportunities, and introducing a new scholarship application process. These initiatives will further support our students on their educational and career paths.

SDA GVL Class VII, Greenville

Greenville Cohort - Class VII

A warm welcome to the talented individuals from Carolina High School and Berea High School, comprising the 7th class of SDA in Greenville. Let’s give a round of applause to:
  • Brianna Castillo Miraselva
  • Giovanny (Gio) Santillan
  • Giovany (Gio) Ramon
  • Jaqueline Gutierrez-Gomez
  • Jose Hernandez
  • Joselyn Martinez-Cruz
  • Juan Castrejon
  • Marialuz Bartolome Felipe
  • Marilyn Garcia
  • Liliana Portillo 
  • Rosie Garrido
  • Yanilet Sanchez
  • Briana (Bri) Garcia 
  • Deyanira (Deya) Abreu Gonzalez
  • Eduardo Melgar
  • Edwin Mendoza
  • Emerita Gomez Murillo
  • Emma Miguel
  • Esperanza Perez
  • Fernanda Mendiola-Sanchez 
  • Juarez Ramon-Gaspar
  • María Tereza Hernandez Baltazar 
  • Neftali (Nef) Escobar 
  • Viktor Verduzco-Hernandez
SDA GVL Class VII, Your Future Leaders

This group joins the impressive alumni of the SDA program, now over 146 strong, igniting passion for self-discovery and fostering leadership skills in our Hispanic youth.

SDA CHS Class II, Charleston

Charleston Cohort - Class II

A big shoutout to our second class in Charleston, a partnership with R.B. Stall High School in North Charleston, SC. Let’s celebrate the start of their self-empowerment journey:
  • Ana Poala Martinez Pena
  • Enoc Roblero
  • Evelyn Sanchez Galan
  • Fatima Mendoza
  • Itzel Avila 
  • Jackie Cruz
  • Jovany (Gio) Contreras
  • Junior (Elmer) Bonilla
  • Karla Isabel Lopez Ruiz
  • Kimberlyn Benitez
  • Luz Pichardo Alvarado
  • Maria Garcia
  • Melanie Palacios 
  • Monserrat Tinoco
  • Neyla Borjas 
  • Noemi Reyna
  • Vanessa Camacho Mendoza
  • Yurisbeth Valencia
  • Zaida Victoria Lazaro 
  • Carla Ortega
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • Jessica Bonilla
  • Luis Ventura
  • Melanie Vasquez Reyes
SDA CHS Class II, Your Future Leaders

How You Can Help

Join us in welcoming these bright minds to the HA Familia! Share the excitement on social media, and let’s continue building a united and empowered community. Stay tuned for updates on their journey, mentorship stories, and the impact they’re making in their communities.

To make a donation to support the program, please visit our donation page & choose the Student DREAMers Alliance fund. Your donation will directly benefit the students in this year’s cohorts, as well as alumni members of the progress.

Together, we’re creating a pathway to prosperity for our Hispanic youth.

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