Community Teams

pillars of prosperity in our community

Our community teams are the engines that work to connect people with resources

Educating about opportunities and advocating for their rights

Early in its organization, the Hispanic Alliance identified four “community pillars” – basic needs that required strategic attention and improvement in the Hispanic community. Groups of passionate volunteers formed around each need, determined to empower others with knowledge, access, and support.

Identifying the gaps between needs and resources

Building collective capacity for all people

These are spaces of inspiration, innovation, and support. If you possess compassionate care for the lives in your proximity, learn how our community teams can magnify your efforts and make a greater difference.

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Creates equal access to higher education for DACA students, and preparing all students for college

Tackles the challenge of building community wealth and amplifying our local economy.

Creates a pathway for the Hispanic community to access affordable healthcare and maintain long-term wellness.

Informs and empowers all immigrants as they aspire to be contributing members of the community.

Community Teams are Open to All

Together, our impact multiplies and we improve quality of life for all.

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