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Our Education Team has built this page with the purpose of allocating information and resources for students that are in the process of applying to college, looking for scholarships or interested in learning about scholars programs. We know how hard this process can be so we hope that you take advantage of this information!

If you have any questions, please call or send a text to our phone line 864-256-0760 or email Cesar Salas at [email protected].

Scholarships Database

Our network and team are aware of many different scholarships and have compiled them into one document for easy viewing. This is always being updated so check back often for the most up to date scholarship opportunities. Click the button below to access the live Google sheet or download!

Finding scholarships for the school of your choice can be sometimes difficult. We have made the process easier by providing a direct link to some of our partners from our Education team.  Click on the logo of the school of your choice to see a list of scholarships provided in the school.

Our Education team has put together some tips on how to find scholarships. For most scholarships, you must submit an essay about yourself. Don’t worry! We have provided a handout below that will tell you what to prepare for.

If there is a resource that you think belongs in any of these pages, would you please let us know?

We are constantly making updates to these pages so that they’re relevant and don’t become outdated. Please let us know by contacting Debbra Alvarado at [email protected] or calling 864-256-0760.

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