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A list of government & immigration resources that can help you navigate the path to naturalization. Neither Hispanic Alliance or the Legal Team can provide you with legal advice.

Please remember that neither Hispanic Alliance, our Legal Team, or any of the agencies listed can provide you with legal advice.

If you have questions specific to your case, please call (864) 256-0760 and HA staff will connect you with a list of trusted legal professionals.

SC Appleseed

  • The COVID-19 outbreak has created massive changes to administrative policies and legal rights on a state and national level. Read information from SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center below (Spanish and English) to be informed of the latest updates and how they could affect you or your legal clients. Visit their website below for bilingual information on the following COVID-19 social justice issues.


  • Immigration Enforcement Policy Changes

  • Changes to SC Eviction Policies

  • Your Right to Public Utilities

  • Who can apply for unemployment insurance

  • How to access public benefits

  • How to access healthcare without insurance

  • Protecting Yourself from Scams

  • Changes to home foreclosure policies . . . and more!

If there is a resource that you think belongs in any of these pages, would you please let us know?

We are constantly making updates to these pages so that they’re relevant and don’t become outdated. Please let us know by contacting Debbra Alvarado or calling 864-256-0760.

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