Charleston, South Carolina

Gabby Cabrera

Education | Personal Growth | Equality

Program Coordinator

Gabby was born and raised in Northern Virginia to a Bolivian father and a Puerto Rican mother. She eventually moved to Charlotte, NC, and attended undergrad at UNC Charlotte for elementary education. Now living in Charleston, SC, she’s seen the need for a strong Hispanic community. She is excited about the expansion of the Hispanic Alliance and the Students Dreamers Alliance to the Charleston area and the impact it will have.

Gabby worked as an educator for 7 years in the Charleston area. She was dedicated to making an impact on her students and creating a classroom environment based on equitable and culturally responsive practices. Gabby identifies herself as a life-long learner and loves to pursue opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. In 2021, she obtained a master’s degree in curriculum & instruction from the University of Alabama. Gabby has also worked as an executive assistant for a start-up called Ready Player DAO. One of the DAO’s branches was Ready Scholar School which aimed to provide scholars in the Philippines with opportunities to make a living wage through web3 gaming. Gabby also enjoys serving as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lowcountry as well as finding local volunteer opportunities.

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