USA and Mexico relations. American and Mexican waving opposite flags on blue sky background. 3d illustration

The treatment and living conditions for immigrants at the US / Mexico border continue to cause suffering and raise pressing ethical questions for our nation. Many in our community have reached out for information on how to most effectively show their support and alleviate the needs of our brothers and sisters who are detained.

We believe everyone has a role in resolving this tension, and preventing further harm. Hispanic Alliance would like to offer a starting point to explore how your gifts and abilities can make the most difference in three important areas of intervention: Giving, Advocacy, and Awareness. Please explore the links below to our Advocacy webpage and take action in the way that means the most to you.

Raise Awareness


American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Migration Policy Institute

Freedom for Immigrants




Families Belong Together (Social Graphics)


​One-Stop Giving

Support Legal Services for Immigrants

Support Humanitarian Services for Immigrants

Free Immigrants from Detention

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