Serving Relentlessly with Jessica Wallace

Jessica Wallace, the chair of the Legal Team of the Hispanic Alliance is a shining example of this work. Having joined the Legal Team as a volunteer in 2013, Jessica is a steady presence of leadership and compassion.

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Transformation doesn’t happen in isolation; it flourishes when individuals come together for a collective impact. The Hispanic Alliance’s Community Teams stand as a testament to this philosophy, uniting passionate volunteers, servant leaders, and community members to address critical issues and make a meaningful difference in the lives of South Carolinians.

One exemplary individual contributing to this collective effort is Jessica Wallace, an immigration lawyer based in Greenville, South Carolina. With over a decade of experience in immigration law, Jessica’s journey has led her to establish her own law firm, Wallace Immigration Law. Beyond her legal practice, she serves as the chair of the legal team for the Hispanic Alliance.

Returning to Greenville in 2013, Jessica sought ways to connect with the Hispanic community and give back. At the time, the Hispanic Alliance was still in its early stages, with teams starting to form after her arrival. Initially participating in Networking Meetings, Jessica quickly found a sense of community within our organization.

"I was looking for a way to get connected with the Hispanic community in the Upstate and to really find a way to give my time back to the community," Jessica shares.

Her desire to assist those who couldn’t afford legal services led her to the Hispanic Alliance, a perfect fit for her expertise.

Our work is rooted in volunteerism, with a focus on bringing together legal professionals, community members, and anyone willing to contribute. “Anyone who wants to volunteer has a place with the Hispanic Alliance,” Jessica emphasizes. The organization relies on the dedication of volunteers, including attorneys like Jessica, to bridge the gaps in legal services for the Hispanic community.

"All of the community teams overlap. Individuals need stability in their financial life, their health, their education, and their legal status to be successful," Jessica notes.

The Hispanic Alliance addresses these essential areas, ensuring stability and success for individuals. The organization’s various teams collaborate to provide resources and opportunities in education, financial stability, legal support, and health.

In her unique position as the chair of the Legal Team, Jessica gains insights into the challenges faced by the community. Unfortunately, she highlights the scarcity of resources in South Carolina, particularly for undocumented immigrants seeking vital legal services. Despite these challenges, the Hispanic Alliance perseveres, working tirelessly to address disparities and improve outcomes for the Hispanic community.

One of the Hispanic Alliance’s most significant achievements is the Citizenship Workshop, a capstone project led by the Legal Team. Jessica expresses pride in providing free legal help to individuals pursuing U.S. citizenship. Beyond the legal aspect, this workshop has far-reaching effects, enabling individuals to reunite with family members, participate in civic duties like serving on juries, and fully integrate into the community.

"The way that we have come together as a community with the Hispanic Alliance, with the volunteers, attorney volunteers, and staff—it's incredible," Jessica emphasizes.

The organization’s collaborative efforts reflect a dedication to creating a supportive environment for all community members.

For Jessica, being part of the Hispanic Alliance allows her to give back using her legal knowledge. “It allows you to bring your skill set—no matter what your skill set might be,” she says. Whether it’s legal expertise, language skills, or a willingness to contribute time, there is a place for everyone in the Hispanic Alliance.

“It feels really good to be able to have that platform to provide free legal services and to see someone and then hear later on that they’ve gotten their citizenship because of work that we did for them,” Jessica reflects. Her commitment to the cause exemplifies the relentless service embedded in the Hispanic Alliance’s mission.

Jessica stands as a beacon of commitment and compassion within the Hispanic Alliance, embodying the organization’s dedication to empowering and uniting the Hispanic community in South Carolina. Through her unwavering efforts, Jessica exemplifies the spirit of “Serving Community Relentlessly,” contributing to a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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