An Ecosystem of Prosperity: Ariana Hernandez

"Empathetic, community, and family." To Ariana Hernandez Montero, these words encapsulate the unique environment the Hispanic Alliance provides to Hispanic youth through the Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA), where students learn and grow together.

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At the core of our mission lies the unwavering commitment to elevate the lives of individuals who call South Carolina their home. We believe that prosperity knows no bounds, and it is this belief that fuels our dedication to empowering every member of our community. 

Ariana Hernandez is a shining example of a young person empowered with the tools, resources, and inspiration she needs to craft a bright future. On the path to graduate from Berea High School in Spring 2024, Ariana is currently interning with the Hispanic Alliance, gaining valuable, real-world experience serving our community.

"My motivation comes from my parents," remarks Ariana, "but it also comes from being the first in my family to ever go to college."

As the daughter of immigrants from Costa Rica who moved to the U.S. in the 2000s, Ariana’s passion and drive have been handed down to her, yet real-world challenges await. 

“My family doesn’t have a lot of money to send me to college,” she mentions. “I also have two other sisters who want to go to college, and my family are not millionaires or anything like that.” Consistently diligent, Ariana began setting her sights on her college path from a young age. Just twelve years old, Ariana was already searching the web for information on colleges, programs and paths that intrigued her. 

She discovered New York University, and Ariana’s eyes light up as she talks about the vibrant culture and sense of community in New York. She feels a deep connection with the university and envisions a future where she can pursue her passions in film, or perhaps, psychology. The opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives excites her.

Ariana’s journey with the Hispanic Alliance began when she joined SDA as a senior at Berea High School. Surrounded by a sense of community and family, she describes the program as the highlight of her month. SDA not only introduced her to a supportive network of friends but also encouraged her to be open and vulnerable, a space where students could share their stories and dreams without fear of judgment.

Ariana credits SDA with helping her discover her leadership qualities. The program’s supportive atmosphere allowed her to recognize her potential as a leader. She recalls an empowering moment when a mentor recognized her as a natural-born leader, leaving a lasting impact on her – one she recalls on a daily basis.

As she transitioned from SDA to her internship at the Hispanic Alliance, Ariana’s commitment to her community remained unwavering. She emphasizes the importance of this internship in her growth, where she’s gaining valuable skills – project management, public relations, and administration – for her future. 

As Ariana continues her academic and professional journey, she carries the values instilled by the Hispanic Alliance: empathy, community, and the spirit of family into her future & throughout our community.

Your support creates opportunities and makes a positive impact on the lives of students like Ariana, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college. 

Ariana’s journey is a testament to the Hispanic Alliance’s mission, where individuals like her find the support they need to pursue their dreams. 

By donating to the Hispanic Alliance, you are giving more young people the chance to achieve their dreams. Your contribution can make a profound difference in shaping their futures.

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