A Deeper Dive into the Student DREAMers Alliance with our SDA Impact Presentation

James Campbell (center), SDA Program Coordinator and former Spanish teacher at Carolina High Academy is a trusted mentor and anchor for our student leaders.

How to take a fledgling leadership program for DREAMers to a global stage –

If you come to Hispanic Alliance meetings, you have heard about the Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA), our homegrown leadership incubator for DREAMers and their allies. We don’t hide our enthusiasm for our fledgling program, and we are thrilled that others share our enthusiasm for its potential. This July, SDA was named as a McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund recipient, along with five other programs from across the globe, that are pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurial problem solving and are poised to expand. Read Press Release.

What makes SDA so special? Is it the high caliber model for leadership growth, the charismatic facilitators, or just an idea whose time has come? We spent a long time pondering these questions and crafting an answer for the McNulty Foundation, and we want to share it with all of you who are curious about the program’s meteoric success. Take a look at our our SDA Impact Presentation for the roots and rationale behind the program.

Regardless of what we can contribute to SDA as an organization, community, or as individuals, it is the student leaders themselves who are the rocket engines powering their own stratospheric journey. They have stepped up to be the “bridge builders” by strengthening themselves and cutting a difficult path forward for those coming after to follow. The majority of the broad impact illustrated here was initiated and created by our students, not orchestrated by the program. We hope that our confidence in them, and respect for their achievements comes through in everything we communicate about SDA. This potential lives in all young DREAMers, seeking an outlet, and a tiny ray of encouragement to help it bring beauty and prosperity into the world. Please read more about our journey together and envision a future where the full potential of DREAMers in South Carolina is realized.

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