Hispanic Alliance awarded grant from The Annie E. Casey Foundation to Enhance Opportunities for Hispanics in South Carolina 

The Hispanic Alliance, a non-profit organization committed to advancing the well-being of the Hispanic community in South Carolina, has announced its selection as a grant recipient from The Annie E. Casey Foundation. 

The Foundation, based in Baltimore, is a philanthropy devoted to building a brighter future for the nation’s children and young people. Recently, it announced a $2.1M investment to 21 organizations from across the United States. Each recipient was awarded a grant of $100,000 to advance the use of data to forward laws and policies to help improve the lives of children and families. 

For the Hispanic Alliance, this grant award is aimed at addressing critical issues faced by the Hispanic families across the state of South Carolina and will focus on breaking down barriers to education and economic mobility.

“We are excit­ed to support Hispanic Alliance’s pioneering work on advocacy in South Carolina,” said Kari­na Jiménez Lewis, Casey asso­ciate direc­tor. “Their community-based systems-level approach is essential to achieving education equity and breaking down barriers to prosperity for the Hispanic community.”

South Carolina has seen remarkable growth in its Hispanic/Latino population over the past decade. However, this growth has been accompanied by significant gaps in resources available for educational and professional opportunities to empower the Hispanic community. Legislative changes are essential to tackle systemic barriers, and the Hispanic Alliance will spearhead this statewide effort to identify and reduce legislative obstacles that hinder Hispanic individuals’ access to prosperity.

Adela Mendoza, Executive Director of the Hispanic Alliance, expressed her enthusiasm, “This partnership with Annie E. Casey Foundation represents a significant milestone in the journey of our organization. Their investment will help us amplify the voices of our Hispanic communities across South Carolina and to a nationwide audience and strengthen our bonds as one community.”

The Hispanic Alliance, in close collaboration with a committee of diverse leaders from across the state has embarked on a journey to create a Common Agenda that unifies communities across the state. This comprehensive agenda is the first step in a comprehensive process to catalyze change, elevating the collective Hispanic voice to forward laws & policies.

The changes sought will open doors to educational and professional opportunities, paving the way for economic mobility for millions of South Carolinians in generations to come.

About the Hispanic Alliance

The Hispanic Alliance fosters collaboration and connectivity among people, resources, and cultures to build thriving communities.

The Hispanic Alliance  (HispanicAllianceSC.com) unites the largest network of agencies and individuals working collaboratively to advance Hispanic communities in the Upstate region. It builds trust with Hispanic communities by speaking their languages, promoting their culture, and understanding and addressing their needs. It helps its partner agencies serve the local Hispanic population in a culturally, linguistically and socially appropriate way. The Hispanic Alliance is a nonpartisan organization that faithfully advocates for diversity, equality, acceptance, understanding, and embracing the American dream.

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