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When Equity Gets Personal: Eduardo Román

A ten-year veteran volunteer with Hispanic Alliance, Eduardo Román exemplifies and shapes our passion for creating opportunity, and has been a guiding voice in the key initiatives in our legacy of Standing for Equity.

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Hispanic Alliance Represents in Leadership Greenville Class 45

We are proud to feature a diverse group of individuals, all of whom have already used their considerable leadership resources for the benefit of the Hispanic Alliance network. We are grateful for their innovative support of our mission, and dare the sky to limit their potential for community impact in the future! Get to know their work and accomplishments in the newsletter below.

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Grassroots Leadership in Greenville Needs Hispanic Seeds!

We are lucky in Greenville to have a working model of grassroots organization and leadership that is open to anyone. Greenville Dreams is a coalition of neighborhood and community leaders organized to empower residents to improve their neighborhoods through leadership development while leveraging available resources.

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A Diverse Organization, and A Diversity Leader

“DREAMers…are emerging as the silent heroes who are building more inclusive communities…they are the most courageous, optimistic, and driven ‘citizens of the world’ that we – who promote the strength of diversity – could hope to engage and serve….my voice and stage will be theirs.”

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