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Student DREAMers Alliance
196 empowered Hispanic youth advocating for themselves and others.
250+ Attendees to Annual Health Fair with 40+ Partner Organizations sharing resources
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The Hispanic community is the single fast growing minority group in South Carolina.

With so many people looking for a new path to prosperity in the Upstate, the importance of the mission of the Hispanic Alliance has never been greater. The connection we facilitate between individuals & service providers makes a difference for so many of our neighbors in Greenville County and beyond.

We receive messages daily from someone seeking employment, medical care, or simply looking to make connections amidst isolation.

This is the why for our mission.

Uniting & Elevating Hispanic Voices

We work with our community partners, creating access to opportunities leading to quality of life but also to embrace the Hispanic population as contributors to a thriving local economy.

Your gift empowers positive change.

The Statistics

A Story of Deficits & Barriers to Prosperity

HA has made great headway in its first decade but there is still more work to be done.

The Hispanic community in SC still lags behind in education, economic, & health outcomes. The inextricable relationship among poverty, race, education, wealth and health are evidenced by recent data at the local level.

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Median Income

The median income for Hispanic families is approximately $48,000 compared to $71,000 for White households.

Equity in Education

Only 66% of the Hispanic population holds a high school diploma compared to 91% of the population in South Carolina.

Post-Secondary Education

19.5% of Hispanic community members have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 42% of White community members

Health Barriers

42% of Hispanic residents in Greenville report some form of interpretative service barrier to quality healthcare, with 49.7% noting that office visits were delayed due to waiting for interpretation services.

Health Insurance

61% of Hispanics in Greenville lack any Health Insurance

Language Access

63% of agencies in SC do not have a language access plan, while 59% of agencies solely provide resources in English.

Language Obstacles

87% of those whose children have no health insurance rated their English as “poor” or “average.”

Be a force for equity.


of adults under 25 hold a degree


Total Household Income


of Hispanic population below the age of 19

This is a unique opportunity to build propserity for the Hispanic community.

The Hispanic Alliance serves as a community voice driving both strategies and activities to face these disparities in Greenville and throughout South Carolina.

While never charging for services provided, HA provides innovative programs like the Student DREAMers Alliance, Citizenship Workshop, and our Entrepreneurial Workshop to support individuals. We build inclusive partnerships with agencies, local governments, and global corporations to focus on systemic change, creating avenues for opportunity & prosperity for our Hispanic neighbors.

We help our partner agencies serve the local Hispanic population in a culturally, linguistically and socially appropriate way. The Hispanic Alliance is a nonpartisan organization that faithfully advocates for diversity, equity, acceptance, understanding, and quality of life for all South Carolinians.

Your support creates and cements these connections throughout the community.


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