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The Education Community Team was formed in 2009 and today it unites educators and community members from diverse backgrounds interested in creating a better future for children  and youth by increasing access to educational opportunities.The Post-Secondary and Adult Education Sub-Committee is made up of various leaders in the field of Higher Education, Adult Education and community members who are interested in advancing and promoting educational opportunities in the Hispanic community. Early, elementary, middle and high school education are extremely important areas in which we would like to have conversations that can help our community identify and address the needs of the Hispanic population as well as gaps in services and information.If you are interested in being part of this dialogue, please get in touch with us. Our Community Teams are open to all community members. Time commitment and involvement is up to each member’s availability. For more information on the Education Community Sub-Committees, please click on the links below:

  1. Early Childhood Education Sub-CommitteeLearn more
  2. Grades 3-12 Sub-CommitteeLearn more
  3. Post-Secondary and Adult Education Sub-CommitteeLearn more