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Jonathan Valadez

Compassion | Devotion | Justice

Community Action Coordinator

With a passion for people in hand, Jonathan desires to imagine and create a world that is safe for the entire range of human expression. Jonathan’s willingness to be sensitive to others stems from a fundamental conviction of individuals’ worth through the imago dei.

Growing up in New York City, Jonathan was introduced to the global community at a young age. His frequent trips abroad to Mexico and Europe strengthened his cross-cultural and international outlook. These experiences prompted Jonathan to pursue a B.A. in International Studies and Biblical Studies with two minors in Political Science and German. During his formative years at Bob Jones University, Jonathan participated in, started, and led a vast cross-section of collegiate associations and programs. His engagement in these organizations impressed upon him the importance and power of civic and social participation and the responsibility of communities to create and sustain equitable and representative systems of civic, political, and social agency; a lesson Jonathan would cherish beyond college.

As a result, Jonathan has sought to fully engage in Greenville’s diverse mosaic of civic and social institutions. Ultimately, he is motivated by the belief that liberty, prosperity, and beauty ought to be equally accessible to all human beings. As a young professional, Jonathan currently serves on the board of Upstate International, the Greenville Young Republicans, and is on the leadership council of the Young Professionals branch of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. 

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing the piano, brushing up on his German, reading a history book, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and making and meeting friends! Feel free to reach out!

Community Involvement

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Vanessa Rodríguez

Vanessa Rodriguez serves both Hispanic Alliance and LiveWell Greenville as the Community Action Coordinator in an innovative partnership funded by the 2019 BUILD Health Grant. She comes to this project with over twenty years of communications and public relationships experience in governmental agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. 

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Adela Mendoza

Adela is an international professional skilled at building strategic collaborative partnerships, facilitating cross-cultural relationships, and leading diverse teams and coalitions.  In her role as Executive Director of the Hispanic Alliance, Adela is driving systemic change to increase access to opportunity for the emerging Hispanic community.

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TJ Rumler

A Greenville native, TJ has seen first-hand the impacts of inequality in our community. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work, TJ’s experience and passion for positive social change are the perfect blend to grow our next generation of leaders in South Carolina.

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